DFLA published report about why Democrats should #openthebigtent

infographic showing democratic losses since 2008, a total decrease of 23% nationwide

The Democratic party is in a state of crisis.  We think it is due in large part to the national Democratic leaders abandoning the “big tent” philosophy that served our party well for years.

Today, pro-life Democrat candidates struggle to get support from their own party.  Many in the party (mostly on coasts) don’t see this as a troubling issue.  However, when you drill down and look at the numbers over the last ten years in middle and rural America, the reality is extremely troubling.

DFLA published a report that takes a hard look at the last ten years.  It drills down in to the numbers, and it highlights polls and stats that show a very different narrative than the national one we often hear.  If you think you are the only pro-life Democrat out there, you are wrong.  There are millions.

This report doesn’t just point out problems – it offers sound solutions based on current stats and past successes.  If you care about getting back your party, this report is a must-read!


Read the DFLA Open the Big Tent report